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Product Code : Digital Proportioner

- For fire engine with low and medium expansion foam

- Flow rate up to 2000 liters per minute

- Can be used in fire trucks, as well as fixed and mobile proportioners

- No pressure drop and 0.1% accuracy

- Ability to adjust using a digital panel

- In accordance with NFPA standard

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Product Description :

Cameleon Digital Foam and Water Proportioner


The French company CTD is a manufacturer of precise digital proportioners for installation on fire trucks, as well as fixed and mobile proportioners with high flow rates. These fitters have no pressure drop and are highly accurate, which can be adjusted using a digital panel.

Also, the foam package produced by this company is Singel & Dual Meter Flow Sensing Direct Injection Foam Proportioning System according to NFPA standard and their maximum capacity is up to 50000 liters per minute, without pressure drop and 0.1% accuracy.